Comparative assessment of odontometric parameters for gender determination: A hospital based cross-sectional study

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Author Details : Mosmi Lomi*, Jonathan Daniel M

Volume : 8, Issue : 3, Year : 2021

Article Page : 147-152

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Introduction: Determining gender is one of the most important procedure in forensics. Teeth are made of the most enduring mineralized tissues in the body, as such, they have an extraordinary resistance to putrefaction and the effects of external agents (physical, thermal, mechanical, chemical or biological) which makes them invaluable material for anthropological, genetic, odontologic and forensic examinations.
Aim and Objective: i) To assess the degree of sexual dimorphism in maxillary canine using maxillary canine index, maxillary first molar and central incisor using mesiodistal (MD) and buccolingual/buccopalatal (BL) dimensions of the crown. ii) To determine the accuracy of maxillary canine index, first molar and central incisor dimensions (mesiodistal and buccolingual/buccopalatal) in determining sex.
Materials and Methods: This study consisted of total 30 participants (males=15, females=15) of age group ranging from 20 to 35 yrs. Measurement of dimensions of selected teeth were performed on maxillary cast using digital Vernier caliper, resolution 0.01mm. Data thus obtained were analyzed statistically.
Results: The mean values of all the measurements in males were greater than females. There was statistical significant difference in mean value of bucco-lingual width of molar, mesiodistal width of canine (on left side, right side and average) and the inter-canine distance between males and females. The buccolingual width of molar showed the highest % of sexual dimorphism (5.33%) and the mesiodistal width of molar showed the least % of dimorphism (0.7%). Bucco-lingual width of molar posed the highest prediction accuracy for gender determination.
Conclusion: We conclude that buccolingual width of maxillary first molar can be used to predict the gender when only teeth of maxillary arch are available for forensic examination.

Keywords: Canine index, First molar, Gender determination, Sexual dimorphism.

How to cite : Lomi M, Jonathan Daniel M, Comparative assessment of odontometric parameters for gender determination: A hospital based cross-sectional study. Indian J Forensic Community Med 2021;8(3):147-152

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Received : 13-07-2021

Accepted : 27-08-2021

Available online : 18-09-2021

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